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Segway Tours of Annapolis Maryland

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Why SegZone

Regular guided tours have always been a popular way of obtaining an insider's perspective of a tourist hot spot, vacation destination, or historic city, but having a tour while riding on a Segway adds an element of fun and excitement. Instead of walking or riding on a crowded bus, our guests glide on a Segway through city streets and to all points of interest all complete with an individual earpiece to help listen to the tour guide.

SegZone offers a new twist on old vacation favorites by offering pre-arranged, individual and group tours to historical sites and other outdoor attractions. SegZone takes it up a notch and also offers indoor and outdoor competitive and non-competitive events such as obstacle courses, corporate events such as team building retreats, and rentals.

Segways are extremely earth friendly and leave a tiny ecological footprint while providing opportunities for exciting and innovative recreational activities.

Welcome Guests

Our mission is to bring fun and adventure into your life in whole new ways. Come and experience riding a Segway by taking one of our tours!

We offer Segway guided, historic and fun tours, in Annapolis, MD adjacent to the scenic City Dock. We look forward to having you as our guest and hope that SegZone makes your visit unforgettable. Let us provide you or your company with adventurous Segway excursions, where if either for fun or for history, will be equally exciting and leisurely.

Our tours are in high demand. We want you to be next! We strongly recommend booking in advance on-line as there are limited spaces per tour. If you are in the Annapolis area, please feel free to stop by and say hi. SegZone Tours is located in the charming historic downtown area of Annapolis, MD, just steps from the Naval Academy and many of the historic sights, such as city dock, the State House, Market House and more.

SegZone offers the only physical Segway Tour store location in Annapolis.

The Segway Personal Transporter® is the perfect way to see this 18th century historic town, with its delightfully narrow streets and fascinating colonial architecture. The only way to really see its tucked away historic buildings, scenic waterfront homes, picturesque parks and quaint out of the way nooks and crannies, is by Segway.