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Segway Tours of Annapolis Maryland

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About SegZone

SegZone identifies itself as an Ecotourism Operator and will follow the Ecotourism code of conduct:

  • minimize impact on the environment
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
  • Provide direct financial benefits for conservation
  • Provide financial benefits & empowerment for local people
  • Raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate

D. Wilson Enterprises, LLC. d/b/a SegZone, a Delaware-based business and a 100% Woman owned Enterprise recently purchased Annapolis Segway Tours of Maryland. Annapolis Segway Tours had been conducting tours in the downtown historic area of Annapolis for six years prior to selling the business. A respectable clientele has been established over the years and many customers arrive at SegZone's storefront (previously of Annapolis Segway Tours) seeking a fun Segway adventure as a result of the high recommendations of other satisfied clients and the local visitor's center.

SegZone intends to preserve and build-on to what Annapolis Segway Tours has established in MD. In addition, SegZone will be expanding its products and services to Delaware in the near future. Therefore, SegZone will be operating in two states; Maryland and Delaware.