How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook Groups and Increase Your Productivity

Are you ready to increase your store productivity? Read this article and discover how to integrate Shopify with Facebook Groups!

In a matter of minutes and without any skills or knowledge required, you can connect your Shopify store with numerous Facebook groups. By doing so, you will be able to increase your productivity and grow your sales.

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● Popularity & Ease of Use:

Integrating Shopify with Facebook is one of the best business decisions. As with any type of integration, connecting your Shopify store with your social media accounts can help you improve the quality of your services and increase the convenience of the workflow.
There are some aspects of the integration that will make marketing your store easier which is helpful in a competitive business environment such as ecommerce. Other aspects will help you build customer trust, increase store engagement, and boost sales and profit. These are all important benefits you can’t afford yourself to ignore.

Shopify Facebook is one of the most popular ecommerce website builders and creating an online store to list your items, collect credit card payments, and ship your products is super easy. Shopify offers various ecommerce plans and the cheapest plan costs $9 a month. With this plan, you can connect your website with Facebook and sell your items directly on social media. If you want to upgrade your plan, you can choose from the other 3 plans available.

The Facebook groups offer a space or an environment where you can communicate and share information about shared interests with specific people. You can create a Facebook group for absolutely anything, your after-work sports team, your high school friends reunion, family gathering, your book club, and customize the group (you can change the privacy settings depending on who you want to join the group) and decide who can see the group.

Here are a few things you need to know when integrating Shopify with Facebook Groups:

➢ New Event: Informs when a new or upcoming event is created for a group. ➢ Post Photo: When someone creates a new photo post in the group. ➢ New Post: Informs when a new status is being added to the group. ➢ Post Message: When someone creates a new message posted in the group’s feed. ➢ New Customer: When a new customer is being created. ➢ New Paid Order: Informs whenever a new purchase is made and paid. You can select a different order status like refunded or pending. ➢ Create Products: When a new product is created. ➢ New Cancelled Order: Informs whenever an order is being canceled. ➢ Create Order: When a new order is created. .


In order for you to integrate Shopify with Facebook, you need to log in to your Shopify account, click “Online Store”, select “Preferences”, copy and paste the pixel ID, and finally, click “Save”.

You can allow Facebook checkout from the Shopify admin and upload the product information. Before you start, your products and collections must be visible in your online store. Log in to Shopify, find the + symbol, click “Learn more”, click “Add Channel”, click “Facebook”, click “Get started” and finally, click “Connect account”. You just allowed Shopify to connect with your Facebook business page. Facebook will verify your account information. Once the verification is officially done, you can enable Facebook checkout by using the Shopify admin. You can create a Facebook campaign using the conversions objective to attract new potential customers to your site. You can create groups that look similar to people and find new potential customers. Integrate Shopify with Facebook now! Keep your customers informed and save yourself time to focus on expanding your online business!



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