Why You Wouldn’t Hand Over Your Facebook Page to an Agency

Why You Wouldn’t Hand Over Your Facebook Page to an Agency

Due to the number of advantages you can get by involving Facebook in your e-commerce, some agencies offer Facebook marketing service. Their main role is to manage Facebook pages on behalf of their clients at a reasonable price. As good as this deal sounds; you may not want to let your business page to be managed by such agencies. As much as they have good intentions, there are very high chances that they may not perform as per your expectations because;

  • You never know who else has hired their services

Since these agencies handle so many pages, there are very high chances that your competitors might have also hired them. One mistake that these agencies do is applying the same strategies on similar pages. The results of this is poor efforts of these pages to outshine each other on the platform even though you might have something better that requires intense marketing.

  • They are not willing to go an extra mile

The fact that agencies deal with numerous clients makes it difficult for them to give your page special attention. The difference of running your page from having an agency do it for you is that you will have the best interest of your page at heart. This means that you are willing to do whatever it takes to stand out. As for an agency, there are too many fishes to fry hence laxity.

  • Some are not giving you what they promise

You have probably heard of businesses complaining about spending so much money in agencies that have not managed to help their course. What you need to know is that some of those agencies are after your money and nothing else. They make big promises so that you put your hands inside your pockets but as soon as you make the payment, they are focused on another client willing to pay them.

  • Your page marketing activities can be compromised.

Since you can never know who else has hired the same agency, you can also not know what type of relationship they have. Since competition is competition, your competitor can be able to pay off an agency so that their page is favored more while yours is lousily managed.


It’s better for you to hire an in-house Facebook marketer rather than have an agency handle the task for you. Remember that you will want to have direct contact with your customers so that you can respond to their queries in good time. You may also want first hand access to their opinions so that you can know what they need and make the right adjustments.

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